Thursday, September 08, 2005

Our talk at SSL

Our PFA show tonight went well last night. Dick Hebidge was there although we didn't get to meet him, and the talk he's part of tomorrow clashes with ours at SSL. We got taken for 'bad food' afterwards which consisted of hanging out at the fresh Donut store sharing hot donuts...our initiation.

We talked about and showed our work to the scientists today.
It seemed to go well, and we had good responses. We kept the talk quite tight to give more of an introduction to our work and not to go into too much depth. We had lots of articles and interviews available for people who wanted to know more.
Some scientists quizzed us before hand during a welcome reception about our prescence at SSL, how we came to be here, why we were here etc. I think we passed.
Met lots of enthusiastic and interesting people, we have to make sure we chase up their promises, one of which is to have a proper tour of the laboratories, can't wait.

beam me up scottie! [pre-talk]