Monday, October 10, 2005

'state of the art'

Lots of interesting topics had been discussed by the end of the symposium, with varying styles of presentation and varying amounts of contention between the scientists, especially on Saturday when people talked about unification theories, bringing theology into it and postulating on technology and civilisation, generations from now. There was some strong opinions aired.

We're learning alot about the science explored here at SSL. We seem to be absorbing it as if it were a new language, and we are starting to comprehend ideas, problems, approaches, and techniques as they come about again and again. We're processing and putting into practice science ideas, in addition to our intial interest in the analysis of scientists and their representation, to using actual science in the development of installations.

At this stage in the creative process we would normally be starting to submerge ourselves in making the work. Our processes are normally quite time consuming and it's difficult to combine them with anything else. But time permitting, here we have the opportunity to take our ideas futher and can document proposals for future artwork as we research. What a luxury.