Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shows + Goddard

A week of pulling things together.
We have a presentation of our time here on the 8th of December, feeding back on our experiences and research; a Leonardo Salon.
So, we're taking a stand back from where we have got to and what interviews we still need to do, in order to collate our ideas into a series of 'short documentaries'. Prioritising, getting the footage and dialogue we need for making work we have in mind, for when we get back. We have a series of animation experiments we'd like to run but I think these will have to wait.

We have booked in for a trip to Goddard Space Flight Centre at the end of the month, and are organising meeting up with some of the Visualisation team. Have been following up research focused on this field looking at developments in the use of visualisation and the technological implications. We will hopefully run some interviews there.

We have also now organised going to the Solar Observatory next week. We have to play along with the weather and be ready to visit it on a sunny day.

We had a good show at UC Davis last night. Will post some pictures here soon.
Got to go to San Francisco now for our show at Other Cinema.

Also, we have been curated into an exhibition here showing video works, through December/January. More to follow on that.