Monday, September 12, 2005

Amazing Light

We signed up today for a symposium that's happening at UC Berkeley: Amazing Light: Vision of Discovery. It's honouring Charles Hard Townes who is 90 and still works at SSL! He won the Nobel Prize for developing the Laser. The symposium sounds great; looking at possibilities for investigating new discoveries about our reality and developing new technology which may open up new advances in experimental physics. We like the sound of that...

we've been passed on this link today on a Sonification project:

we're getting lots of reference points from the scientists, sending us on different journeys of discovery.....
Apparently you can actualy see the San Andreus fault at Point Reys. Definately worth a trip.
Also, not far is Lassen Volcanic National Park! it says; All four types of volcanoes in the world are found in the park. Over 150 miles of trails and a culturally significant scenic highway provide access to volcanic wonders including steam vents, mudpots, boiling pools, volcanic peaks, and painted dunes. !
We are booked in already to go to Yosemite National Park, and will book our trip to JPL soon. Lucky us.