Friday, October 14, 2005

Burning Star Core

Had good intentions today to capture some stills from the interview footage we've got so far, but got carried away with going over it and editing out some dialogue for trying out some ideas. By the time it came to getting the bus down the hill, I was in full flow.
Also, been putting ideas to paper to make sure we get all the footage we need while we are here.
Trying to plan a visit to a Sun observatory to get some first hand footage.

Thanks to Mr Wobbly again, we went to a great evening; 'Night Noise Pancakes' of sound performance at ART SF an art studio/gallery in San Francisco. Appropriately 'Burning Star Core' played. Some photos at this point would show you the great view across to downtown from the wall to wall windows but it wouldn't capture the essence of the night. Saw some familiar faces and met some new ones too. Walked back from the BART in the first rain since we've been here.