Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Documentation and PFA: part two

Part two of our SSL tour is happening Friday.

Discussing more ideas for documenting our time here. We've become more interested about how scientists interpret and represent their data, visually and aurally. We have compiled questions we want to explore with them rearding this idea, and are finding that we can't help but notice the similarity in many of their working processes compared to ours as artists. Never thought we would find ourselves experiencing this sort of contact with such intruiging thinkers and explorers and finding that we have things in common. We have had some ideas to incoorporate the previously visualisation software into our documentation, as 'Art Experiments', in response to conversations with 'the scientists'. [We are referred to here as 'the artists' so we think it's okay to keep writing 'the scientists'!]

We gave a nice informal talk and presentation of our work at PFA tonight.
Once we start doing series of talks we become more relaxed, and the audience responds more.
Nice to see some familiatr faces there. Lots of interesting feedback and kind responses. We have another talk at San Francisco Arts Institute coming up.