Thursday, September 15, 2005

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Today was dedicated to moving to our sublet for the rest of our time here. Our hosts are off on holiday for several months and have left us in their charming abode. Definitely don't want to leave now. It took all of about half and hour to move so we went and explored more of Berkeley; mainly bookshops, of which there are many and we picked up some perfect books, especially a Laszlo Moholy-Nagy book called 'Vision in Motion' 1947. " This book is written for the artist and the layman, for everyone interested in his relationship to our existing civilization " (Moholy-Nagy, Vision in Motion, 1947, p.5) He had a desire to witness an inalterable link between art and life and produced great visual and formal paintings, sculpture and photography which linked vision, form and technology. His constuctivist works are great.